Educating Future Leaders


At TPA we combine our high-quality research-based curriculum with our faith based core principles to educate the whole child. The result is children who are prepared for the academic rigor of elementary school, but who are also well adjusted, kind, caring and problem solvers.

The Preparatory Academy strives to educate the next generation of leaders through a purposeful focus on learning, character development and civic-minded social skills. We are a family-owned center of learning with a conscience focus on diversity and inclusion. We seek to have empowered, well-respected employees that include teachers who are highly qualified and well educated with access to continuing learning opportunities and a support staff that is equally professional in the fulfillment of their duties. The Preparatory Academy strives to be an institution where our students can learn in a safe and clean atmosphere that prepares them for success in the ever-changing landscape. 

In order to achieve our developmental goals, we leverage the best educational strategies that have a proven track record of success. Our active tactile learning environment gives children hands-on interaction with the subject matter. Also, we deploy technology like computers, videos and other educational tools to introduce and re-enforce concepts. We also promote our children's social development through structured activities which build teamwork and social interaction skills. All of this takes place in an atmosphere of faith where your child is encouraged to dream big dreams and remove the words, "I can't" from their vocabulary.

We accomplish this goal through a three part strategy. 

On May 1, 2012 we opened our doors in Jackson, NJ with a simple vision. We wanted to create a warm and open environment for learning and development. Since then we have served hundreds of kids throughout the community. As a family-owned and independently operated school we treat everyone like family and do our best to provide a warm and engaging atmosphere. Thank you for considering TPA with the great responsibility of the care of your children.



We are all Family. When a child begins their journey at TPA we form a partnership with our parents to ensure each child has a seamless daily transition between their time at TPA and at home


The importance of giving of ones time, talent and resources for the benefit of others is consistently modeled for our students. 



At TPA leadership is a mentality. We believe that all interactions are opportunities to lead. We believe leadership is about understanding people 


All are welcome at TPA. All will be respected. We pride ourselves on our ability to make everyone feel like they are home. We know that the diversity of opinions


We believe that learning should never end at TPA. Our students learn through play, interactions with their peers and through the good examples set by our staff.