The Preparatory Academy strives

to educate the next generation of leaders through a purposeful focus on learning, character development and social skills. We are a family-owned center of learning with a conscience focus on diversity and inclusion.

We seek to have empowered, well-respected employees that include teachers who are highly qualified and well educated with access to continuing learning opportunities and a support staff that is equally professional in the fulfillment of their duties.

The Preparatory Academy strives to be an institution where our students can learn in a safe and clean atmosphere that prepares them for success in the ever-changing landscape. 

In order to achieve our developmental goals, we leverage the best educational strategies that have a proven track record of success. Our active tactile learning environment gives children hands-on interaction with the subject matter. Also, we deploy technology like computers, videos and other educational tools to introduce and re-enforce concepts. We also promote our children's social development through structured activities which build teamwork and social interaction skills.