Each day will be a new adventure where our students will participate in hands-on activities, engage in cooperative learning, an indulge in a variety of educational centers, arts and crafts activities, and academic subjects that will prepare them for kindergarten.

We understand that children learn best when engaged in meaningful play where we integrate content learning through in-depth investigations , exploration and discovery that enable our students to answer the what, why, and how questions.


Offering a wide range of activities and having our students explore the different learning centers not only strengthens their academic and social skills but ensures long term academic and lifelong success. Daily Routines, individualized instruction and appropriate learning opportunities promote self help skills, social and cognitive skills, and build positive relationships.

Recognizing that all students have different learning styles enables our staff to come up with a variety of teaching strategies that will support our students to be creative, make decisions, build lifelong critical thinking skills, and encourage confidence. 



Mrs. Wende-head teacher pk4

Experience: 9 Years in Early Childhood Education

Degree: B.A. Elementary Education Kean University

Why Preschool?: “4 and 5-year-old students are like sponges, I like to help them soak up new knowledge.”

Family Fact: Mrs Wende is married w/ one child