PS3 at TPA provides a fun, educational, and safe learning environment that encourages independence and recognizes that children love to use their imagination. Our students explore their curiosity by asking questions like who, what and why, and begin to learn by discovering their feelings through playtime.

Our children follow a daily schedule so they become familiar with the class routine, participate in small and large groups, and are able to choose which activities they want to participate in. Our program offers a variety of activities including creative and artistic play, musical play and reading.


Our students engage in painting, drawing, dress up games, singing, dancing, making music with instruments, and listening to stories which encourages talking, thinking, and using their imagination.

Our goal is to support our students in learning and motivate them to take turns, share, and make new friends. We identify that home and school are the two most significant places for a child and linking the two in a positive and respectful way will not only make them feel secure but build their confidence.

In providing children with the opportunity to learn through interactive play, encouraging creativity, and recognizing that all children learn differently we are creating the foundation where children can make decisions, learn problem solving skills, and build on prior knowledge and strengths. 




Experience: 5 years in Early Childhood Education

Degree: Rutgers University - B.A. in Business Administration

Why Preschool?: “3-year-old students are so much fun and the most creative”

Family Fact: I have two little girls that I adore.