We decided to name our before and after school enrichment program LEAD, pronounced [LEED], because we think leadership is a key principal for success. We want our students to be leaders in the way they think, act and interact with the world around them. 

We are located at 109 E Pleasant Grove Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527. Our Before Care Program runs from 6:30 AM to 9:00AM and our After Care Program run from 3:00 PM to 6:30PM. Included in the price of tuition for before care is a healthy balanced breakfast and a nutritious snack is provided for after care. 



More than just before and after care, LEAD is an Enrichment Program designed to provide our students with an opportunity to learn, critically engage, achieve their goals and develop new passions. While our time is always structured, we allow for learning opportunities to grow organically based on the interests of our students. Our core operating principles are as follows:

Learn - Learning through Homework Help

Engage - Practical Opportunities to Engage Learning Materials

Achieve - Set and Monitor Personal and Academic Goals

Develop - Opportunities to Develop New Interests

LEADer Testimonials 

I like being here at TPA because it’s cool, fun, awesome and you make new friends.
— G
I like being here because it is very, very fun!
— O
Very, Very fun and Educational
— H


When your child arrives at TPA they will have the opportunity to complete their homework with assistance. They will be provided with a nutritious snack and then participate in several scheduled activities. These include academic challenges, innovation sessions, creative arts activities, outdoor or indoor physical sessions and time to spend as they please.



Our space is clean, simple and modern. We understand that some of our students will think they are too cool for preschool, but their space within the building is designed with them as the focus. 


We partner with our parents to bridge the gap between your childrens'  school and your home. This collaboration with our parents ensures that your children are growing and expanding even outside of normal school hours.



We wanted to give our students all the tools they need to lead. So, we developed a classroom economy to help manage the classroom, but also to teach critical financial literacy skills. Our economy is split into three parts. The first part is TPA@Work where the children do their part to earn TPA Dollars. They then have the opportunity of store their dollars in our bank. Lastly, every Friday we open up the TPA General Store and allow our students to go shopping for various goodies.

Our students principal focus at LEAD is to complete their homework, including 30 minutes reading when they arrive after school. If they complete this task they will receive a TPA dollar.

Additionally, they can work as homework helpers and snack-time helpers to earn more income


Our students have the opportunity to deposit all the money they earn into an interest bearing savings account. The more money they deposit  the more they earn.

It allows our students to understand the principle reasons we use banks including safety, security and to earn interest. 

We wanted to give the students a place to spend all of their hard earned TPA dollars. The TPA General Store is the perfect place to do just that. 

They can buy anything from coloring sets to candy. It allows students to grasp the concept that handwork LEADs to reward. 


The cost for our 5 day LEAD Before and After School Enrichment Program is $260 a month. We do offer customized solutions for every family need including 4,3,2, and 1 day options, as well as just before or just after care. Please call for pricing for your custom package.

Transportation to and from school is available for an additional cost. 

Switlik Elementary Students

A bus from Switlik Elementary picks-up and drops-off students directly from our school at no additional cost to our parents. 


Want your children to be LEADers? Please give us a call at 732-928-5205 and schedule a tour and learn more! We look forward to partnering with your family and welcoming you to ours!