Our mission at The Preparatory Academy is to educate the next generation leaders. In order to accomplish this goal we take a wholistic approach. We combine our high-quality research-based curriculum with our faith based core principles to educate the whole child. The result is children who are prepared for the academic rigor of elementary school, but who are also well adjusted, kind, caring and problem solvers. 

In order to achieve the lofty goal of educating the 

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Family, Leadership, Service and Mutual Respect are the core values that underpin TPA Faith Fit. Our program allows for the practice of these principles through daily. 

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The Creative Curriculum is an award winning research-based program that includes 38 objectives for development and learning. Through our curriculum our students become creative, confident thinkers

We strive to teach our students about living a healthy life. 

Mission Statement

The Preparatory Academy strives to educate the next generation of leaders through a purposeful focus on learning, character development and civic-minded social skills. We are a family-owned center of learning with a conscience focus on diversity and inclusion. We seek to have empowered, well-respected employees that include teachers who are highly qualified and well educated with access to continuing learning opportunities and a support staff that is equally professional in the fulfillment of their duties. The Preparatory Academy strives to be an institution where our students can learn in a safe and clean atmosphere that prepares them for success in the ever-changing landscape.